David Parks, Massage & Bodywork Therapist

David is a 2002 graduate and past instructor of Southeastern School of Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy (now NC School of Advanced Bodywork). He has 8+ years experience in Charlotte-area spas, which includes Modern Salon and Spa, and the Ballantyne Hotel. David is also an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, helping his clients with exercises that can benefit their posture, and help maintain the changes influenced through therapeutic bodywork.

“I grew up gaming on computers and Nintendo, not understanding the faults it would cause my posture. It was rare that anyone mentioned poor bodymechanics as being a source of pain during the 80’s. So, I developed a very noticeable imbalanced posture.

At age 14, I suffered from stabbing pains of my chest, and random ringing of my ears. My shoulders were rounded, and my head positioned forward from my shoulders. Fortunately, for me, my chest pains were trigger point referrals from my pectoralis major muscles (chest), and the ringing of my ears was caused by trigger points in my sternocleidomastoid muscles (anterior neck). I suffered with these pains for an additional 15 years, until I was introduced to therapeutic bodywork. I received several sessions of Neuromuscular Therapy that helped end these pains. Along with strengthening my back muscles, therapeutic body and postural awareness has helped me live a more pain-free life.

My habitually-poor postures are many of the same postures the majority of our society find themselves in today, with regards to using tablets, laptops, and texting routinely on our smart phones. Understanding the anatomy and function of the body’s muscles and proper body mechanics helped me become more aware of my physical structure. Regular massage therapy further alleviated my chronic back and neck pains. As a result, I have an increase in shoulder and neck range of motion, and an increase in my confidence and self-esteem. I enjoy sharing my experiences with my clients to aid in their personal well-being and relief from chronic pain.”

David Parks

David Parks, LMBT NC-3176, CPT


I have had 5 sessions with David for an issue I am having with my lower back. My lower back pain has improved considerably since my first session thanks to the massage and implementation of stretches and lifestyle changes he recommended. Additionally, we have been able to address other issues I have had as long as I can remember including migraine headaches. The staff at Elements of Bodywork have always been professional, kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thank you!


David had provided the best massages I have every received. He is a true professional. He can tell if you work at a computer all day, right or left handed, sleep on your stomach vs. back, and everything else. And he knows how to get every “kink” out to provide optimal stress relief. He doesn’t only give great massages, but also provide tips/tricks to help with the problem areas people have. I highly suggest a visit to his very convenient office.

I’ve had severe back problems for almost 30 years and had surgery back in 1997. Finding an excellent massage therapist is critical to my everyday function. After searching for 6 months since moving to Charlotte, I am very happy to have found David. I actually found him through Yelp.com and bought an online introductory offer that saved me $15 on my first session. David is exactly as the other reviewers describe him. He took his time, got to know me and my reason for being there, and meticulously worked on my back like it was his own. It’s been 15 years since I had a massage therapist who was this good. I decided to get his 5 visit package. I might even buy a separate package for my wife. If you need someone who will really take care of you, this is the place. I feel better than I have in a very long time.