At Elements of Bodywork, we want to give you a professional and enjoyable massage experience every session you receive, especially during your first visit to us.  Our goal will always be to exceed your expectations of what a massage session should be like.  We care about our clients, and enjoy working with them each and every visit.

Here’s what to expect from your first session with us:

  • Meeting your Massage Therapist:

When you arrive to our office, you will be welcomed by one of our therapists. Your therapist may be with their previous client, and will be with you shortly.

An intake form/health history will be presented to you to complete.  This intake form details your current health and physical condition, and any past accidents and/or injuries.  This information is vital to providing you the best care during your session.  Your therapist will review this information privately with you, and will customize the massage to your specific needs.

Our massage sessions are timed as actual hands-on treatment.  That means your 60-minute massage is 60 minutes, and not 40 or 50 minutes, unless you have arrived later or your massage is more than 15 minutes past your appointment time.  Please inform us if there is a time you may need to leave by.  We value your time and commitment to your well-being within a stress-free environment.

  • The Treatment Room:

Our green room

Our green room

Our treatment rooms are furnished with a very comfortable massage table that has an available table warmer.  The temperature of the room remains about 72 degrees to ensure you are warm and comfortable at all times.  A cold massage room is never comfortable.

Your therapist will exit the room and wait outside as you undress or change for your session.  You will disrobe to your personal level of comfort; either partially or completely.  This may vary with your treatment, as you may wear fitness clothing for a Neuromuscular Therapy treatment to aid your therapist in keeping you covered and comfortable through your session. Draping will be used at all times to ensure your modesty is respected. The area(s) of your body being treated will be uncovered, then covered before moving on to another area.

Once disrobed, you will lay onto the table, beneath the top sheet and blanket. Your therapist will give you about 2 minutes for this process, then, after thoroughly washing their hands, will knock on the door to see if you are on the table and ready for your session before entering the room.

Music may be playing, depending on your scheduled treatment session, to set a more calm and comfortable environment.  You may request a certain style of music to be played, as we use Pandora and our personal collection of spa music.

To reduce interruptions, please adjust your cell phone’s volume to silent.  We know you may have a short escape from your family or business, so if you need to have your phone on, please inform your therapist.  We can place it within your reach.

Some clients are more comfortable talking during their massage, while others prefer to just focus on their breathing and relaxing. Many clients begin with a little conversation and become more quiet as they relax.  This is your massage, so enjoy it as you like.

  • Your comfort during the massage:

Your therapist can provide different levels of pressure at anytime during your session.  But, we never want you to be uncomfortable with pressure that is too deep, or too light for your enjoyment.  So, we will ask you to let us know when the pressure should be adjusted.  And you should never worry about offending us if our pressure isn’t just right.  As therapists who have received many massages, we understand fully what it feels like when the pressure isn’t just right.

Various techniques will be used throughout your session.  If any technique used is uncomfortable, please inform your therapist immediately.  It is not our intention to cause you discomfort at any time.  But, what we don’t know we cannot adjust.

  • After your massage:

Once your massage is completed, your therapist will exit the room so that you can re-awaken and center yourself before you dress.  Please take your time getting up from the table.  A rushed massage is a less memorable one.

Once dressed, you will open the door for your therapist.  A plan of care will be discussed with you, which usually includes demonstrations of stretches you can benefit from.  Also, this would be the best time to schedule your next session.

If possible, it would be a good idea to have a little quiet time after your massage before getting caught back up in too much activity.  This will help prolong the positive effects of the massage and make the most of the time you have invested in taking care of yourself.